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President's Message

A warm welcome to Shri. J.G. Co-operative Hospital Society’s Hospital & Research Institute, Ghataprabha.

Shri. J.G. Co-Operative Hospital Society, Ghataprabha is a charitable organization with the humanitarian objective of serving the poor and downtrodden in various fields. The society is providing various facilities in different fields including education, healthcare and rural development without discrimination of caste or creed. Similarly the foundation has setup schools, colleges and hospitals. The society is also running many welfare schemes and vocational courses for the benefit of poor and deprived.

This charitable trust knows that “Medical Service is not a saleable commodity and Patient is not a Customer”. The society is also keeping in mind that “Service to Mankind is Service to God”. With all these social upraising objectives, the hospital is serving the poor people with quality health care since last 65 years. While spending money on any activity, it is ensured that not a single paisa is wasted. Proper verification and cross checks are made to ensure that financial assistance given is properly utilized.

I bless the society with all the best and success in their belief and objective of serving the poor with the help of public and charity.

----------- Shri Shri Shri Jagadguru Gurusidda Rajayogendra Mahaswamiji

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